Rising Rays Boarding School enrolled students for the first time in 1993 and was located in Bag Bazaar -- in the heart of Kathmandu Municipality.  For a brief period of time the school was relocated and rebuilt near Lagankhel Bus Park in Lalitpur.  As the school became larger and more established it moved once again, returning to Kathmandu Municipality and the heights of Dilli Bazaar near Putali Sadak.  Enrollment has increased to around 400 students and classes run up to the secondary level.  At all times the school has aimed to provide education to students regardless of economic status, ethnicity, or physical/mental handicap.

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You Tube and Facebook

Rising Rays Boarding School is not just an empty building full of benches, desks, and blackboards.  It is also a community center where students can visit and socialize with their friends in a safe and supportive learning environment away from home.  Extra classes, tuition and coaching as well as club activities are centered here.  The school should be a place where students can feel at home and part of a larger, extended family.  To help the children attending the school grow into the large community of Kathmandu, social networking is a vital tool to reach out and explore the world with.  Students can upload their videos and photos to the school's You Tube Channel and to Facebook.  Other students can go online and see their friends' pictures and videos.  In the future, teachers will also utilize the You Tube Channel to post 'how to do' clips that can instruct young learners in a wide variety of activities -- making their own toys, like model airplanes or rockets, boats, etc.  You Tube is a largely unexplored resource for students' learning.  

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News and Events

The school has created a schedule of extracurricular events to engage students' attention and motivation to learn.  Sharing what has been learned -- not just rote memorization from a text book to pass a test -- but practical and useful skills and knowledge displays students' abilities and talents.  Thus, from time to time, we invite parents to attend dramatic performances including dancing and singing, for holiday activities like International Children's Day, for participation in picnics and cooking shows at school, for video shows, for sports competitions, for outings to explore the natural environment and science, and other related activities.  Parents will be kept informed of these events and local news that impacts their children's education.

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School Clubs

To help organize extracurricular activities and training that takes place outside the rigid structure of the classroom environment, clubs have been created to attract students' attention to experiential learning.  Students interested in learning more about computers -- for example, Linux Operating Systems -- will become engaged in creating their own webpages for this website.  They can share photos, a self-introduction, and stories from their own lives.  Others may create dramas, skits, and dancing demonstrations for uploading to the school's You Tube channel.  Girls will enjoy the cooking club where they can learn other styles of international cuisine -- Thai, American, or Chinese, for example. 

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School Motto

RRBS wants to impart education in a real sense.  We believe that passing exams is not the only goal of education at any level.  Children learn best through experience -- being active and doing what interests them.

Gallery of Photos

Visit our 'Students' page to see the children's own self-introductions and photos.  Awards will be presented to them for the best stories, video presentations, special project reports, and portfolios of learning.  Perhaps we will soon have a You Tube video posted showing how to cook hamburgers and french fries -- better yet, visit the school and taste one!

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